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DevExpress.Xpf.PdfViewer Namespace

Contains classes required for the PDF Viewer control in WPF applications. To use these classes in XAML code, add the xmlns:dxpdf="" namespace reference.

Assembly: DevExpress.Xpf.PdfViewer.v20.2.dll


Name Description
AttachmentOpeningEventArgs Provides data for the PdfViewerControl.AttachmentOpening event.
DefaultPdfBarManagerItemNames Contains default item captions displayed in the interface elements of the PDF Viewer.
DocumentClosingEventArgs Provides data for the PdfViewerControl.DocumentClosing event.
ExceptionMessageEventArgs Provides data for the PdfViewerControl.ExceptionMessage event.
FormFieldValueChangedEventArgs Provides data for the PdfViewerControl.FormFieldValueChanged event.
FormFieldValueChangingEventArgs Provides data for the PdfViewerControl.FormFieldValueChanging event.
GetDocumentPasswordEventArgs Provides data for the PdfViewerControl.GetDocumentPassword event.
PageSetupDialogShowingEventArgs Provides data for the PdfViewerControl.PageSetupDialogShowing event.
PdfAnnotationChangedEventArgs Provides data for the AnnotationChanged event.
PdfAnnotationCreatedEventArgs Provides data for the AnnotationCreated event.
PdfAnnotationCreatingEventArgs Provides data for the AnnotationCreating event.
PdfAnnotationDeletingEventArgs Provides data for the AnnotationDeleting event.
PdfAnnotationGotFocusEventArgs Provides data for the AnnotationGotFocus event.
PdfAnnotationLostFocusEventArgs Provides data for the AnnotationLostFocus event.
PdfAttachmentsViewerSettings Provides access to the PDF attachments viewer settings.
PdfCommandProvider Provides commands that correspond to end-user actions in a PDF Viewer.
PdfEditorEventArgs Provides data for the PdfViewerControl.ShownEditor and PdfViewerControl.HiddenEditor events.
PdfEditorEventArgsBase Serves as the base for classes that provide data for events related to showing form field's editors.
PdfHitTestResult Contains information about what content type is located at a specific point within a page.
PdfMarkupToolsSettings Provides markup annotation tools settings.
PdfOutlinesViewerCommands Provides access to PDF outline viewer commands.
PdfOutlinesViewerControl Represents the PDF Outlines Viewer control.
PdfOutlinesViewerSettings Provides access to PDF Outlines Viewer settings.
PdfPrintPageEventArgs Provides data for the PdfViewerControl.PrintPage event.
PdfQueryPageSettingsEventArgs Provides data for the PdfViewerControl.QueryPageSettings event.
PdfSelectionContent Provides information about the selected content in a document.
PdfShowingEditorEventArgs Provides data for the PdfViewerControl.ShowingEditor event.
PdfThumbnailsViewerSettings Provides access to the PDF thumbnails viewer settings.
PdfViewerControl A control to display PDF files in a WPF application without the need to install any third-party software on end user machines.
PdfViewerLocalizer A base class that provides necessary functionality for custom localizers of the PDF Viewer control.
PopupMenuShowingEventArgs Provides data for the PdfViewerControl.PopupMenuShowing event.
RecentFileViewModel A View Model that contains recently opened file settings.
ReferencedDocumentOpeningEventArgs Provides data for the PdfViewerControl.ReferencedDocumentOpening event.
SelectionEventArgs Provides data for the PdfViewerControl.SelectionStarted, PdfViewerControl.SelectionContinued and PdfViewerControl.SelectionEnded events.
UriOpeningEventArgs Provides data for the PdfViewerControl.UriOpening event.


Name Description
IPdfDocument For internal use.
IPdfDocumentSelectionResults Represents the page selection results.


Name Description
DocumentClosingEventHandler Represents a method that will handle the PdfViewerControl.DocumentClosing> event.
ExceptionMessageEventHandler A method that will handle the PdfViewerControl.ExceptionMessage event.
FormFieldValueChangedEventHandler Represents a method that will handle the PdfViewerControl.FormFieldValueChanged event.
FormFieldValueChangingEventHandler A method that will handle the PdfViewerControl.FormFieldValueChanging event.
GetDocumentPasswordEventHandler A method that will handle the PdfViewerControl.GetDocumentPassword event.
PageSetupDialogShowingEventHandler A method that will handle the PdfViewerControl.PageSetupDialogShowing event.
PdfPrintPageEventHandler A method that will handle the PdfViewerControl.PrintPage event.
PdfQueryPageSettingsEventHandler A method that will handle the PdfViewerControl.QueryPageSettings event.
PopupMenuShowingEventHandler A method that will handle the PdfViewerControl.PopupMenuShowing event.
ReferencedDocumentOpeningEventHandler A method that will handle the PdfViewerControl.ReferencedDocumentOpening event.
SelectionEventHandler A method that will handle the PdfViewerControl.SelectionStarted, PdfViewerControl.SelectionContinued and PdfViewerControl.SelectionEnded events.
UriOpeningEventHandler A method that will handle the PdfViewerControl.UriOpening event.


Name Description
CursorModeType Lists values that specify the interaction mode for the keyboard and cursor.
ExceptionMessageAction Lists values that specify how an exception should be handled.
ExceptionMessageOrigin Lists values that specify the origin of an exception message.
NavigationPanelsLayout Lists values that specify the layout of the navigation panels.
PdfAttachmentsViewerPanelStyle Lists values that specify the panel style of the attachments viewer.
PdfAttachmentsViewerState Lists values that specify the attachments viewer state.
PdfContinueSearchFrom Lists values used to specify where to continue the search in a PDF document.
PdfOutlinesViewerPanelStyle Lists values that specify the panel style of the outlines viewer.
PdfOutlinesViewerState Lists values that specify the outlines viewer state.
PdfSelectionContentType Lists the values specifying the type of the selected content in a document.
PdfThumbnailsViewerState Lists values that specify the thumbnails viewer state.
PdfViewerStringId Contains strings that correspond to the PDF Viewer user interface captions that are subject to localization.