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DevExpress.Mvvm.UI Namespace

Contains controls for building a UI using the MVVM design pattern.

Assembly: DevExpress.Xpf.Core.v20.2.dll


Name Description
ApplicationJumpListService Allows you to add your own items to the Window’s Jump Lists.
ApplicationJumpTask Implements the functionality of an individual jump task that can be displayed within the Window’s Jump Lists.
CommandItem Represents a command.
CompositeCommandBehavior Allows you to aggregate and execute multiple commands.
CurrentWindowService Provides methods to work with a window.
DelegateConverterFactory static Provides a set of static methods to create IValueConverter and IMutliValueConverter instances based on passed delegates.
DispatcherService Allows you to perform actions in a ViewModel using the Dispatcher.
EnumItemsSourceBehavior Allows you to bind an enumeration to the ItemsSource property of any control.
EventToCommand A trigger that invokes a command when a specific event is fired.
EventToCommandBase A base class for the EventToCommand behavior.
FocusBehavior Allows you to set the focus to a UI control without utilizing code-behind.
FolderBrowserDialogService Allows you to browse, create, and select folders in the File System by using the standard folder browser dialog.
FunctionBindingBehavior Allows you to bind the function result to your View.
FunctionBindingBehaviorBase Serves as the base class for the FunctionBindingBehavior and MethodToCommandBehavior classes.
KeyToCommand Allows you to bind a KeyGesture to a command.
LayoutSerializationService Allows you to save/restore the layout of serializable DevExpress WPF Controls located on a View.
LayoutTreeHelper static Provides utility methods for searching nodes in a visual and logical trees.
MethodToCommandBehavior Allows you to bind a method to a property of the ICommand type.
NotificationService Allows you to show Windows 8/10 Style notifications.
OpenFileDialogService Allows you to browse and open files in the File System by using the standard dialog box.
SaveFileDialogService Allows you to save the data of a ViewModel to a file by using the standard dialog box.
ServiceBase The base class for services.
TaskbarButtonService Allows you to display customizable application taskbar buttons.
ViewInjectionService Allows you to integrate any ViewModel (with its View) to any control.
ViewLocator Provides functionality to locate Views by their type names.
ViewServiceBase The base class for services that are capable of locating Views by their type names.
WindowService Allows you to show your views as windows and control them from your ViewModels.


Name Description
IEventArgsConverter Provides a member to convert an event’s arguments to a command’s parameter.


Name Description
CompositeCommandExecuteCondition Lists the values that specify the CompositeCommand execute condition.
WindowShowMode Lists the values that specify how the WindowService‘s windows are opened.