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DevExpress.Xpf.PropertyGrid Namespace

Contains classes that implement the functionality of the PropertyGridControl. To use these classes in XAML code, add the xmlns:dxprg=”“ namespace reference.

Assembly: DevExpress.Xpf.PropertyGrid.v20.2.dll

NuGet Packages: DevExpress.WindowsDesktop.Wpf.PropertyGrid, DevExpress.Wpf.PropertyGrid


Name Description
BarItemNames static Stores the names of the default property menu items.
BrushEdit Represents a brush editor.
BrushEditSettings Contains settings specific to a brush editor.
CategoryDefinition Represents a category definition.
CellEditorPresenter Represents an object that is used to configure and display cell editors within property grid cells.
CollectionDefinition Represents a collection definition.
CustomExpandEventArgs Provides data for the PropertyGridControl.CustomExpand event.
InstanceInitializer Represents item initializers.
PopupBrushEdit Represents a brush editor displayed within a dropdown window.
PopupBrushEditSettings Contains settings specific to a popup brush editor.
PropertyDefinition Represents a property definition.
PropertyDefinitionBase Serves as a base for classes that represent property definitions.
PropertyDefinitionCollection This class supports the internal infrastructure and is not intended to be used directly from your code.
PropertyGridControl The property grid control.
RowInfo Contains information about a data row.
ValidateCellEventArgs Provides data for the PropertyGridControl.ValidateCell event.


Name Description
AllowExpandingMode Lists the values used to specify which properties can be expanded.
ApplyingMode Lists values that specify when the property definition is applied.
CategoriesShowMode Lists the values used to specify the categories display mode.
CellEditorPresenterPathMode Lists values that specify whether the CellEditorPresenter.Path property value represents a relative path or an absolute path.
DescriptionLocation Lists values that specify the location of the property description.
HeaderHighlightingMode Lists values that specify which parts of the selected property should be highlighted.
HeaderShowMode Lists the values used to specify the display mode of PropertyDefinition and CollectionDefinition headers.
PropertyGridFilterMode Lists values that specify how properties are filtered.
PropertyGridSortMode Lists values that specify how grid data is sorted.
ShowMenuMode Lists values that specify when a Property Grid displays the Property Menu.
ShowPropertiesMode Lists values that specify which properties are shown.
TypeMatchMode Lists the values that specify the rules of type matching between the properties in the data source and the PropertyGrid’s property definitions.