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DevExpress.Xpf.Data Namespace

Contains classes implementing the common data management functionality for DevExpress WPF controls (e.g. DXGrid).

Assemblies: DevExpress.Xpf.Core.v20.2.dll, DevExpress.Xpf.Grid.v20.2.Core.dll

NuGet Packages: DevExpress.WindowsDesktop.Wpf.Core, DevExpress.Wpf.Core, DevExpress.WindowsDesktop.Wpf.Grid.Core, DevExpress.Wpf.Grid.Core


Name Description
CreateSourceEventArgs Provides data for the InfiniteSource.CreateSource and PagedSource.CreateSource events.
DisposeSourceEventArgs Provides data for the InfiniteSource.DisposeSource and PagedSource.DisposeSource events.
FetchEventArgsBase Provides data for the FetchRows/FetchPages events.
FetchPageAsyncEventArgs Provides data for the PagedAsyncSource.FetchPage event.
FetchPageEventArgs Provides data for the PagedSource.FetchPage event.
FetchPageEventArgsBase Provides data for the PagedAsyncSource.FetchPage and PagedSource.FetchPage events.
FetchRowsAsyncEventArgs Provides data for the InfiniteAsyncSource.FetchRows event.
FetchRowsEventArgs Provides data for the InfiniteSource.FetchRows event.
FetchRowsEventArgsBase Provides data for the InfiniteAsyncSource.FetchRows and InfiniteSource.FetchRows events.
FetchRowsResult The result of the fetch rows operation.
GetSummariesAsyncEventArgs Provides data for the InfiniteAsyncSource.GetTotalSummaries and PagedAsyncSource.GetTotalSummaries events.
GetSummariesEventArgs Provides data for the InfiniteSource.GetTotalSummaries and PagedSource.GetTotalSummaries events.
GetSummariesEventArgsBase Provides data for the GetTotalSummaries events.
GetUniqueValuesAsyncEventArgs Provides data for the InfiniteAsyncSource.GetUniqueValues and PagedAsyncSource.GetUniqueValues events.
GetUniqueValuesEventArgs Provides data for the InfiniteSource.GetUniqueValues and PagedSource.GetUniqueValues events.
GetUniqueValuesEventArgsBase Provides data for the GetUniqueValues events.
InfiniteAsyncSource The asynchronous infinite source.
InfiniteSource The infinite source. This source is obsolete. Use the InfiniteAsyncSource instead.
InfiniteSourceBase Serves as a base class for infinite sources.
PagedAsyncSource The asynchronous paged source.
PagedSource The paged source. This source is obsolete. Use the PagedAsyncSource instead.
PagedSourceBase Serves as a base class for paged sources.
RowHandle Represents a row’s handle.
VirtualSourceBase Serves as a base class for virtual sources.


Name Description
ValueAndCount An object that contains a unique value and its count.


Name Description
FetchMode Lists the possible modes of fetching rows.
PageNavigationMode Lists modes of moving through pages.
RowsFetchState Lists possible states of fetching rows.
SummaryType Lists values specifying the aggregate function types.