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TcxDataControllerSearch.LocateNext(Boolean,Boolean,Boolean) Method

Searches the next or previous record containing the text string match previously found by calling the Locate function.


function LocateNext(AForward: Boolean; AIsAnywhere: Boolean = False; ASyncSelection: Boolean = True): Boolean; virtual;


Name Type
AForward Boolean
AIsAnywhere Boolean
ASyncSelection Boolean




Call this function to search the same text string in records that follow or precede the record containing the field with the previously found match. Pass True or False as the AForward parameter to choose the forward or reverse search direction, respectively. The LocateNext function returns True if it finds a match before reaching the last or first record; otherwise, False.

If the text search is successful, the LocateNext function moves focus to the record with the found match and selects it, canceling the current selection. To avoid any selection changes, pass False as the ASyncSelection optional parameter.

Like Locate, the LocateNext function searches only a record with the string that matches the searched string starting from the first character. To search strings containing any matching character sequences, pass True as the optional AIsAnywhere parameter.

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