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.NET Framework 4.5.2+

BookmarkOptions Properties

Contains settings used to define the bookmark appearance and behavior in the Rich Text Editor.
Name Description
AllowNameResolution Obsolete. Gets or sets whether duplicate bookmark names are automatically replaced with auto-generated unique names.
CaseSensitiveNames Gets or sets whether creation of bookmarks with the same name but a different case is allowed.
Color Gets or sets the color used to indicate a bookmark in the document.
ConflictNameResolution Specifies an action that will be performed after inserting a document range if that range contains a bookmark with the same name as one in the current document.
DisplayBookmarksInPdfNavigationPane Specifies what bookmarks to display in the PDF viewer’s Bookmarks pane when a document is exported to PDF.
DisplayUnreferencedPdfBookmarks Gets or sets whether to display bookmarks without references in the PDF Viewer’s Bookmarks navigation pane when the document is exported to PDF.
Visibility Gets or sets whether bookmarks are displayed in the document.
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