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ASPxPivotGrid Events

Represents the ASPxPivotGrid control.
Name Description
AddPopupMenuItem Enables you to customize the context menu.
AfterPerformCallback Fires after a callback initiated by the ASPxPivotGrid control has been processed on the server side.
BeforeGetCallbackResult Occurs after a callback sent by the current control has been processed on the server, but prior to the time the respective callback result render is formed.
BeforeLoadLayout Occurs before a layout is restored from a storage, allowing you to cancel this action.
BeforePerformDataSelect Occurs before the ASPxPivotGrid control obtains data from a data source.
BeginRefresh Occurs before the control starts recalculating its data.
CallbackError static Allows you to handle any server exception that might occur during server-side processing of a callback sent by a DevExpress web control. Inherited from ASPxWebControl.
ClientLayout Enables you to save and restore the previously saved layout of the pivot grid.
ControlHierarchyCreated Occurs after the ASPxPivotGrid’s table has been created.
CustomCallback Fires when a round trip to the server has been initiated by a call to the client ASPxClientPivotGrid.PerformCallback method.
CustomCellDisplayText Enables custom display text to be provided for cells displayed within the Data Area.
CustomCellStyle Allows the appearances of cells to be dynamically customized.
CustomCellValue Allows you to replace cell values with custom ones.
CustomChartDataSourceData Occurs when a ASPxPivotGrid prepares data to be displayed in a WebChartControl.
CustomChartDataSourceRows Allows you to customize pivot grid data before passing it to a chart control.
CustomCustomizationFormSort Allows you to change fields and folders order in the Customization Form.
CustomFieldSort Provides the ability to sort data using custom rules.
CustomFieldValueCells Allows you to customize field value cells.
CustomFilterExpressionDisplayText Enables you to display custom text within the Filter panel, corresponding to the current filter expression.
CustomFilterPopupItems Allows you to customize the filter drop-down list items.
CustomGroupInterval Enables grouping axis values, using your own criteria.
CustomJsProperties Enables you to supply any server data that can then be parsed on the client.
CustomLoadCallbackState Allows you to load the ASPxPivotGrid’s callback state, which was previously saved by handling the ASPxPivotGrid.CustomSaveCallbackState event.
CustomSaveCallbackState Allows you to preserve the ASPxPivotGrid’s callback state in a custom manner.
CustomServerModeSort In OLAP and server mode, provides the capability to sort data using custom rules.
CustomSummary Enables summary values to be calculated manually.
CustomUnboundFieldData Enables providing data to unbound fields.
DataAreaPopupCreated Occurs after a panel that displays data headers has been created.
DataBinding Occurs when the server control binds to a data source. Inherited from Control.
DataBound Occurs after the server control binds to the data source. Inherited from ASPxDataWebControlBase.
DataSourceChanged Fires when the pivot grid’s data source changes.
Disposed Occurs when a server control is released from memory, which is the last stage of the server control lifecycle when an ASP.NET page is requested. Inherited from Control.
EndRefresh Occurs after the control has completed recalculating its data.
FieldAreaChanged Occurs after the field’s location or visibility has been changed.
FieldAreaChanging Enables you to control whether the dragged field header can be dropped at the area it’s currently located over.
FieldAreaIndexChanged Occurs when the field’s PivotGridFieldBase.AreaIndex property has been changed.
FieldExpandedInFieldGroupChanged Fires when the expansion status of fields combined into a field group is changed.
FieldFilterChanged Occurs after a field’s filter condition has been changed.
FieldFilterChanging Allows you to customize the filter that is being applied or cancel filtering.
FieldPropertyChanged Occurs after a field’s property has been changed.
FieldUnboundExpressionChanged Occurs after an unbound field expression has been changed.
FieldValueCollapsed Fires after a field value has been collapsed.
FieldValueCollapsing Enables you to control whether field values can be collapsed.
FieldValueDisplayText Enables the display text of individual column and row headers and filter dropdown items to be customized.
FieldValueExpanded Fires after a field value has been expanded.
FieldValueExpanding Enables you to control whether field values can be expanded.
FieldValueNotExpanded Occurs in OLAP mode, when an end-user clicks an expand button or selects Expand All from the context menu, and the field value cannot be expanded.
FieldVisibleChanged Occurs after a field’s visibility has been changed.
FilterControlCustomValueDisplayText Enables you to specify the entered filter value’s custom display text, to be displayed when the filter control’s condition value editor is inactive.
FilterControlOperationVisibility Enables you to dynamically hide operation items (such as the Equals, Contains, etc.) of the Filter Control’s operation dropdown menu.
FilterControlParseValue Enables you to process and modify an entered value before it is actually accepted by the filter control.
FilterCriteriaChanged Occurs when the filter criteria is changed.
GridLayout Fires immediately after the ASPxPivotGrid’s layout has been changed.
GroupFilterChanged Occurs after a group filter condition has been changed.
HtmlCellPrepared Enables the settings of individual data cells to be changed.
HtmlFieldValuePrepared Enables the settings of individual field value cells to be changed.
Init Occurs when the server control is initialized, which is the first step in its lifecycle. Inherited from Control.
LayoutUpgrade Occurs when a layout is restored from a data store, and its version is different than that of the control’s current layout version.
Load Occurs when the server control is loaded into the Page object. Inherited from Control.
OLAPException Obsolete. Raised when a query processing error occurs on a bound OLAP server, or when the connection to this server is lost.
OLAPQueryData Allows you to get a query used to obtain data in ASPxPivotGrid.
OLAPQueryTimeout Occurs when the query time-out has expired.
PageIndexChanged Fires after the selected page has been changed.
PopupMenuCreated Enables you to create custom menu items.
PreRender Occurs after the Control object is loaded but prior to rendering. Inherited from Control.
QueryException Occurs when a query processing error occurs on a bound server providing data for the ASPxPivotGrid.
Unload Occurs when the server control is unloaded from memory. Inherited from Control.
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