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Cells display summary values that have been calculated for row and column fields. Cells are located in the Data Area of a pivot grid.




Each cell displays a summary calculated against a data field for a subset of records in the control’s underlying data source. All records from this subset have matching values in a column field(s) and row field(s). These values are identified by column and row headers.


The table below lists the main properties, which affect the appearance of data cells. For information on properties which affect the appearance of total cells and grand total cells, refer to the Totals and Grand Totals topics.

Characteristics Members
Appearance PivotGridStyles.CellStyle, PivotGridField.CellStyle
Summary PivotGridFieldBase.SummaryType, PivotGridFieldBase.SummaryDisplayType
Customizing Display Values The ASPxPivotGrid.CustomCellDisplayText event.
Format PivotGridFieldBase.CellFormat
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