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Accessing Columns

  • 2 minutes to read

The ASPxGridView control stores its columns within the ASPxGridView.Columns collection. Use the ASPxGridView.VisibleColumns property to access the collection of visible columns.

The ASPxGridView allows you to access a column by its Index, Name, Caption, or FieldName property value. To do this, pass the column’s index, name, caption, or name of the bound data source field to a Item property overload.

The Item[String] property searches for a column in the following order:

  1. A column with the specified name
  2. A column with the specified data source field
  3. A column with the specified caption

Below is an example of how to use different column characteristics to access columns.

// Accesses the column whose Name property is set to 'MyColumn1'.
GridViewColumn colMyColumn = ASPxGridView1.Columns["MyColumn1"];

// Accesses the column whose FieldName property is set to 'Department'.
GridViewColumn colDepartment = ASPxGridView1.Columns["Department"];

// Accesses the column whose Caption property is set to 'Primary Phone'.
GridViewColumn colPhone = ASPxGridView1.Columns["Primary Phone"];

// Accesses the column whose Index property is set to '0'.
GridViewColumn colFirstColumn = ASPxGridView1.Columns[0];

You can also access client columns. To do this, use the ASPxClientGridView.GetColumn, ASPxClientGridView.GetColumnByField or ASPxClientGridView.GetColumnById method.