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Context Menu

The Context Menu is activated by right-clicking within the grid. The control provides different context menu types for the following elements: row, column, footer, group footer, and group panel.


The table below lists the main members that affect the appearance of the common menu, as well as the appearance of specific menus.

Menu Type Styles Visibility Menu Item Visibility
Common GridViewContextMenuStyles.Common ASPxGridViewContextMenuSettings.Enabled -
Row Menu GridViewContextMenuStyles.Row ASPxGridViewContextMenuSettings.EnableRowMenu ASPxGridViewContextMenuSettings.RowMenuItemVisibility
Column Menu GridViewContextMenuStyles.Column ASPxGridViewContextMenuSettings.EnableColumnMenu ASPxGridViewContextMenuSettings.ColumnMenuItemVisibility
Footer Menu GridViewContextMenuStyles.Footer ASPxGridViewContextMenuSettings.EnableFooterMenu ASPxGridViewContextMenuSettings.FooterMenuItemVisibility
Group Panel Menu GridViewContextMenuStyles.GroupPanel ASPxGridViewContextMenuSettings.EnableGroupPanelMenu ASPxGridViewContextMenuSettings.GroupPanelMenuItemVisibility

The text and image of menu items can be specified via the ASPxGridView.SettingsText and ASPxGridView.Images properties, respectively.

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