XafApplication.CreateDetailView(Object) Method

Creates a Detail View based on information specified in the Application Model for the type of the specified object.

Namespace: DevExpress.ExpressApp

Assembly: DevExpress.ExpressApp.v18.2.dll


public DetailView CreateDetailView(
    object obj
Public Function CreateDetailView(
    obj As Object
) As DetailView


Type Name Description
Object obj

An object whose Detail View will be created. This object will be passed to the DetailView.CurrentObject property. This object should support the IObjectSpaceLink interface. The Object Space specified by the IObjectSpaceLink.ObjectSpace property will be assigned to View.ObjectSpace.


Type Description

A Detail View of the object passed as the obj parameter.


Use this method to create a Detail View for the object specified by the obj parameter. The information on the created Detail View is taken from the Application Model' node specified by the IModelClass.DefaultDetailView property of the corresponding IModelClass node.

The obj object should support the IObjectSpace interface to provide access to its Object Space. You can use another overload of this method that takes the objectSpace parameter to specify the Object Space manually.

By default, the Detail View created by this method is root (see View.IsRoot). If you need to make it a child, use another CreateDetailView overload that takes the isRoot parameter.

For an example of how to create and show a Detail View, refer to the How to: Create and Show a Detail View of the Selected Object in a Popup Window topic.

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