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.NET 6.0+
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DxGridModel Properties

Exposes members of the underlying DxGrid component.
Name Description
AllowColumnReorder Specifies whether users can reorder columns.
AllowGroup Specifies whether users can group grid data.
AllowSelectRowByClick Specifies whether users can select and deselect rows by mouse clicks.
AllowSort Specifies whether users can sort grid data.
AutoCollapseDetailRow Specifies whether an expanded detail row should be automatically collapsed when a user expands another detail row.
AutoExpandAllGroupRows Specifies whether to expand all group rows automatically when the grid loads data or users interact with the grid.
ColumnCaptionAlignment Specifies the alignment of all column captions.
ColumnFooterTemplate Specifies a common template used to display all footer cells in the grid.
ColumnGroupFooterTemplate Specifies a common template for all group footer cells in the Grid.
ColumnHeaderCaptionTemplate Specifies a common template used to display captions of all column headers in the Grid.
ColumnResizeMode Specifies whether and how users can resize grid columns.
Columns Allows you to add Grid columns.
CssClass Specifies the name of a CSS class applied to the grid.
CustomGroup Enables you to implement custom logic used to group data in the grid.
CustomizeCellDisplayText Allows you to customize the text displayed within a cell.
CustomizeDataRowEditor Allows you to customize a cell editor in a data row.
CustomizeEditModel Allows you to create a custom edit model or customize an automatically-generated edit model.
CustomizeElement Allows you to color grid cells and rows according to their values.
CustomizeFilterMenu Allows you to customize column filter menu items.
CustomizeFilterRowEditor Allows you to customize a cell editor in the filter row.
CustomizeGroupValueDisplayText Allows you to customize the group value’s display text.
CustomizeSummaryDisplayText Allows you to customize the summary display text.
CustomSort Allows you to implement custom logic used to sort data in the grid.
CustomSummary Allows you to create custom summary items.
CustomValidators Allows you to declare custom validator components.
Data Specifies an object that supplies Grid data.
DataColumnCellDisplayTemplate Specifies a common template used to display all data column cells in the Grid.
DataColumnCellEditTemplate Allows you to replace automatically generated editors with custom content in all edit cells displayed for data columns.
DataColumnFilterMenuTemplate Specifies a common template used to display all column filter menus in the Grid.
DataColumnFilterRowCellTemplate Allows you to replace automatically generated editors with custom content in all filter row cells displayed for data columns.
DataColumnGroupRowTemplate Specifies a common template used to display all group rows in the Grid.
DataItemDeleting Fires when a user confirms the delete operation in the delete confirmation dialog.
DetailExpandButtonDisplayMode Specifies when to display master-detail expand buttons.
DetailRowDisplayMode Specifies when to display detail rows in the Grid.
DetailRowTemplate Specifies a template used to display a detail row.
EditCanceling Fires before the Grid cancels the edit operation and discards changes.
EditFormButtonsVisible Specifies whether the edit form contains the predefined Save and Cancel buttons.
EditFormTemplate Specifies the template used to display the edit form.
EditMode Specifies how users edit Grid data.
EditModelSaving Fires if validation succeeds after a user saves changes or you call the SaveChangesAsync() method.
EditNewRowPosition Specifies the position of the edit form used to create new rows.
EditorRenderMode Specifies how the Grid renders editors in the filter row and in data rows during edit operations.
EditStart Fires before the Grid starts editing a row.
EmptyDataAreaTemplate Specifies the template used to display an empty data area.
FilterCriteriaChanged Fires when filter criteria applied to grid data change.
FilterMenuButtonDisplayMode Specifies when the Grid displays filter menu buttons in column headers.
FocusedRowChanged Fires when the row focus changes.
FocusedRowEnabled Specifies whether the row focus is enabled.
FooterDisplayMode Specifies when to display the footer in the Grid.
GroupFooterDisplayMode Specifies when to display group footers in the Grid.
GroupSummary Contains group summary items.
KeyboardNavigationEnabled Specifies whether keyboard navigation and shortcuts are available in the Grid component.
KeyFieldName Specifies the name of a data field that contains unique identifiers for Grid data items.
KeyFieldNames Specifies the names of data fields that contain key values. The combination of key values forms a unique identifier for a Grid data item.
LayoutAutoLoading Fires when the DxGrid component is initialized and starts to load its layout.
LayoutAutoSaving Fires when the grid’s layout changes.
PageIndex Specifies the active page index.
PageIndexChanged Fires when the grid’s active page index changes.
PagerAutoHideNavButtons Specifies whether arrow navigation buttons are hidden when all numeric buttons are displayed in the pager.
PagerNavigationMode Specifies how users navigate between Grid pages.
PagerPosition Specifies the pager position.
PagerSwitchToInputBoxButtonCount Specifies the number of pages when the pager switches from numeric buttons to the input box in Auto mode.
PagerVisible Specifies whether the Grid displays the pager.
PagerVisibleNumericButtonCount Specifies the maximum number of numeric buttons displayed in the pager.
PageSize Specifies the maximum number of rows displayed on a page.
PageSizeChanged Fires when the page size changes.
PageSizeSelectorAllRowsItemVisible Specifies whether the page size selector contains the All item.
PageSizeSelectorItems Specifies items available in the page size selector.
PageSizeSelectorVisible Specifies whether the Grid displays the page size selector in the pager.
PopupEditFormCssClass Specifies the name of the CSS class applied to the pop-up edit form.
PopupEditFormHeaderText Specifies text displayed in the pop-up edit form’s header.
RowClick Fires when a user clicks a grid row.
RowDoubleClick Fires when a user double clicks a grid row.
SearchBoxInputDelay Specifies the time interval between the last typed character in the search box and the consequent search text update.
SearchBoxNullText Specifies the prompt text displayed in the search box when it is empty.
SearchBoxTemplate Specifies a template for the search box.
SearchText Specifies the text that the Grid uses to filter and highlight data.
SearchTextChanged Fires when the search text changes.
SearchTextParseMode Specifies how the grid treats search words.
SelectAllCheckboxMode Specifies whether the Select All checkbox selects all rows on the current page or on all grid pages.
SelectedDataItem In single selection mode, this property specifies the data item that corresponds to the selected Grid row.
SelectedDataItemChanged In single selection mode, fires when another Grid row is selected.
SelectedDataItems In multiple selection mode, this property specifies data items that corresponds to selected Grid rows.
SelectedDataItemsChanged In multiple selection mode, fires when the selection in the Grid changes.
SelectionMode Specifies selection mode.
ShowAllRows Specifies whether the Grid displays all rows on one page.
ShowAllRowsChanged Fires when the ShowAllRows property value changes.
ShowFilterRow Specifies whether the Grid displays the filter row.
ShowGroupedColumns Specifies whether to display grouped columns with other columns in the grid’s data area.
ShowGroupPanel Specifies whether to show the Group Panel.
ShowSearchBox Specifies whether the Grid displays the search box.
SizeMode Specifies the size of grid elements (for instance, text size and row height) and other built-in grid components (for instance, pager and buttons).
TextWrapEnabled Specifies whether the Grid wraps words or trims extra words and displays an ellipsis.
ToolbarTemplate Specifies a template for a toolbar area.
TotalSummary Contains total summary items.
UnboundColumnData Allows you to implement custom logic to obtain unbound column values.
ValidationEnabled Specifies whether the Grid validates user input in DevExpress data editors located in the edit form or edit cells.
VirtualScrollingEnabled Specifies whether vertical virtual scrolling is enabled.
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