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Add Bar Codes to Reports

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This document explains how to use the XRBarCode report control.

Bar Code Options

To add a barcode to a report, drag the XRBarCode item from the DX.23.2: Report Controls Toolbox tab and drop it onto the report.


Specify the following barcode properties.

Common Errors

The following table explains how to work around errors that may occur when the barcode is used incorrectly.



Control boundaries are too small for the barcode

Enable the XRBarCode.AutoModule property and/or increase barcode dimensions.

There are invalid characters in the text

Supply data that applies to barcode specification

Invalid text format

Binary data can’t be longer than the specified number of bytes

Pdf417/QRCode with binary data

Decrease the encoded data quantity (the error specifies the possible maximum).

Incompatible settings: logo size/module/error correction level

QRCode with Logo

Try one of the following actions:

To process these errors at runtime, call the XRBarCode.Validate method in the XRControl.BeforePrint event handler.

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