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Globalize and Localize Reports

The documents in this section describe how to use culture-specific and locale settings in your reports or create culture-independent reports:

  • Localize Reporting Applications

    Provides information about the UI localization specifics for DevExpress Reports on supported platforms.

  • Localize Reports

    Explains how to use the Report Designer to localize report elements - to specify the text, visibility, location, and size dependent on the selected culture.

  • Localize Reports with Satellite Assemblies

    Describes the method that stores localized strings as application resources. They are compiled in satellite assemblies and distributed with the project. This approach is deprecated.

  • Report Units of Measurement

    Describes the unit of measurement used to specify the report elements’ size and location. You can use pixels as the unit of measurement and the imperial and metric systems.

  • Right-To-Left Support

    Provides information on how to change your reports’ layout for audiences with a right-to-left writing system.