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Use Custom Controls

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This section describes how to create custom controls and use them in reports. To use a custom control in one application, implement this control as a class inside the application. To reuse the control in several projects, implement it in a separate assembly.

Implement Custom Controls

Extend an Existing Report Control

You can implement a custom control based on an existing report control: extend the existing control with custom properties, methods, events, or other members. Refer to the following tutorial for more information: Extend an Existing Report Control.

View Example: Create a Custom Numeric Label

Implement a Simple Custom Control

If existing report controls do not fit your needs, you can implement a new custom control. Refer to the following tutorial for details: Create a Custom Control Inherited From XRControl.

View Example: Create a Custom Progress Bar Control

Implement Advanced Custom Controls

The following example demonstrates the Swiss QR Bill control (XRSwissQRBill) and simple controls with rounded corners (XRRoundLabel and XRRoundPanel):

View Example: How to Create a Custom DevExpress Report Control

Add Custom Controls to the Toolbox

To use an implemented custom control in Report Designer, add the control to the Toolbox. Refer to the following article for instructions: Add Custom Controls to the Toolbox.