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Add Controls to a Report

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This document describes how to add controls to a report.

Add Controls from the Toolbox

Use the DX.23.2: Report Controls tab in Visual Studio’s Toolbox to add controls to your report.



If you don’t see Report Controls on the Toolbox, see Troubleshoot Toolbox Items in Visual Studio - DevExpress Unified Component Installer for more information.

Add Data-Bound Controls from the Field List

You can drag fields from the Field List onto your report to add data-bound controls, after you bound your report to a datasource.

Add a Control

Drag a field from the Field List and drop it onto the report’s surface.

DesignTimeFeatures - FieldList3.png

To add a control of specific type, do either of the following:

  • Hold down the SHIFT key and drop a data field onto a report’s surface.
  • Right-click a data field and drop it onto a report’s surface.

This invokes a context menu where you can select which control to add.


See the Bind Report Controls to Data with Binding Expressions topic for more information on how to bind a control to data.

Add a Table

Hold the CTRL or SHIFT key and click several fields. Drop them onto the report’s surface to add a table with its cells bound to these fields.


Drop an entire data table from the Field List to add a report table with columns bound to the data table’s fields.


To add column headers, do either of the following:

  • Select the fields and hold the CTRL or SHIFT key when you drop them onto a report surface.
  • Drag and drop fields with the right mouse button.


This adds a new table whose cells display the field names.

Add Content from External Sources

You can add text and graphics from external applications to your reports:

  • Drag a file, text or image from an external application onto your report.


  • Copy a file, text or image from an external application, and paste it into your report.


The following table shows which file types transform into report controls:

File Type



An XRLabel control that contains file contents.


An XRPdfContent control that contains PDF content.


An XRRichText control that contains file content.


An XRPictureBox control that contains the image.

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