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WinExplorerView Class

Displays records using one of seven styles supported by MS Windows Explorer - Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large, List, Tiles and Content.

Namespace: DevExpress.XtraGrid.Views.WinExplorer

Assembly: DevExpress.XtraGrid.v19.1.dll


public class WinExplorerView :

The following members return WinExplorerView objects:


The WinExplorer View is a GridControl View inspired by Windows Explorer. To start working with this View, you need to specify the column set and choose the view style.

View Styles

The WinExplorer View features seven unique display modes or styles for its records. These styles specify what data each record shows and how it is presented on-screen. To select the currently active view style, utilize the WinExplorerViewOptionsView.Style property.

Additional settings for each style are stored within corresponding sub-groups of the WinExplorerView.OptionsViewStyles property section. To modify global settings common to all view styles, access the WinExplorerView.OptionsView property instead.

Column Set

Unlike other Data Grid Views, the WinExplorer View shows data from only four GridColumns.

Two additional ColumnSet properties allow you to group data and display specific records as disabled.

The following figure illustrates these data fields displayed within a WinExplorer View in “Tiles” view style.

WinExplorer View - Item Elements

Advanced Concepts

See the following links to learn more about the WinExplorer View.

  • Item Customization

    Online Video | Walkthrough

    Learn how to additionally customize records in specific view styles.

  • Context Buttons

    Online Video | Walkthrough

    Explains how to add clickable buttons to your data records. It is recommended that you add context buttons only to items displayed in the ExtraLarge style.

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