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JumpListItemTask Class

Represents a task in a Jump List.

Namespace: DevExpress.Utils.Taskbar

Assembly: DevExpress.Utils.v19.1.dll


public class JumpListItemTask :


A Jump List task is represented by the JumpListItemTask class. Tasks can either be shortcuts to existing programs/documents/folders or they can invoke custom actions.


For a JumpListItemTask object, you can specify a file or folder to be launched on clicking on a task. Use the JumpListItemTask.Path property to do this. Command line arguments and the working folder can be specified using the JumpListItemTask.Arguments and JumpListItemTask.WorkingDirectory properties, respectively.

To perform custom actions on clicking on a task, handle the JumpListItemTask.Click event.

If the JumpListItemTask.Path property refers to a valid file/folder, the icon of this file/folder is by default, displayed by the task. Otherwise, no icon is displayed. To provide a custom icon, use the JumpListItemTask.IconIndex property.

To specify a caption for a task, use the JumpListItemTask.Caption property. The JumpListItemTask.Description property allows you to provide the text for the tooltip shown when the mouse pointer is positioned over the current task in the Jump List.

Tasks in the Jump List are always grouped into categories. There is always a predefined Tasks category in the Jump List. The name of this category cannot be changed. To access the Tasks category and add individual tasks to it, use the TaskbarAssistant.JumpListTasksCategory property. It is possible to separate tasks in this category with the JumpListItemSeparator.


If required, you can add custom categories with custom tasks to the Jump List. Use the TaskbarAssistant.JumpListCustomCategories property to do this.




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