Member Table: Cell Editors

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Member Description
PivotGridControl.ActiveEditor Gets the active editor.
PivotGridControl.CloseEditor Hides the active editor, saving changes made.
PivotGridControl.CustomCellEdit Allows you to assign editors for particular cells.
PivotGridControl.CustomCellEditForEditing Allows you to assign a custom editor to a cell for in-place editing, and override the default cell editor, which is used in both display and edit modes, by default.
PivotGridControl.CustomEditValue Enables you to change cell values.
PivotGridControl.EditValue Gets or sets the active editor’s value.
PivotGridControl.EditValueChanged Fires immediately after a cell’s value has been changed, and allows you to save the changes.
PivotGridControl.HiddenEditor Fires immediately after an inplace editor has been closed.
PivotGridControl.HideEditor Hides the active editor discarding any changes made.
PivotGridControl.PostEditor Posts the value being edited to the associated data source without closing the editor.
PivotGridControl.ShowEditor Invokes a cell’s editor.
PivotGridControl.ShowingEditor Allows you to cancel editor activation.
PivotGridControl.ShownEditor Fires immediately after a cell editor has been invoked.
PivotGridControl.ValidateEditor Validates the active editor.
PivotGridControl.ValidatingEditor Enables you to manually validate cell values.
PivotGridField.FieldEdit Gets or sets the editor used to edit cells corresponding to the current data field.
PivotGridFieldOptionsEx.AllowEdit Gets or sets whether data editing is allowed for the current field.
PivotGridFieldOptionsEx.ShowButtonMode Gets or sets which cells corresponding to the current field display editor buttons.
PivotGridOptionsCustomizationEx.AllowEdit Gets or sets whether data editing is enabled.
PivotGridOptionsView.ShowButtonMode Gets or sets a value specifying when buttons of in-place editors are shown in cells
PivotGridOptionsBehavior.EditorShowMode Gets or sets how in-place editors are activated.