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As you already know, wizards are a ubiquitous feature of most Windows applications. Whether designed to break-down complex data entry forms or to provide step-by-step guidance for the end-user, wizards have become an indispensable UI solution for software developers.

With the WizardControl, you no longer have to deal with mundane and time-consuming issues such as those described above. Simply said, you drop the control and instantly turn your form into a multi-page wizard. All you need to worry about is actual page content and implementing your own navigation logic, if necessary.


  • Conforms to Wizard'97 and Wizard Aero standards.
  • Skins Support - XtraWizard allows you to take full advantage of our Skinning technology, so you can deliver cutting-edge interfaces that are consistent with your application.
  • Intuitive design-time experience allows you to create as many pages as you like, reorder them within the collection, and switch between them using navigation buttons - just as you would do at runtime.
  • Page Validation - The XtraWizard control enables you to manually validate page data and display errors.
  • Conditional Navigation - enables you to change the flow of wizard pages.
  • Page Events - Enables you to commit or rollback the changes made in a wizard step.