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Member Table: Custom Draw

Below is the list of the primary members which can be used to implement custom painting for specific visual elements of a Scheduler Control.

Public Properties

Name Description
CustomDrawObjectEventArgs.Handled Gets or sets whether an event was handled. If it was handled, the default actions are not required.
CustomDrawObjectEventArgs.ObjectInfo Gets information on the painted element.

Public Methods

Name Description
CustomDrawObjectEventArgs.DrawDefault Invokes the default drawing procedure to paint an element and enables you to combine your own custom painting with a default one.

Public Events

Name Description
SchedulerControl.CustomDrawAppointment Enables appointments to be painted manually.
SchedulerControl.CustomDrawAppointmentBackground Enables the backgrounds of appointments to be painted manually.
SchedulerControl.CustomDrawDayHeader Enables day headers to be painted manually.
SchedulerControl.CustomDrawDayOfWeekHeader Enables day of week headers to be painted manually.
SchedulerControl.CustomDrawDayViewAllDayArea Enables the All-Day Area to be painted manually.
SchedulerControl.CustomDrawTimeIndicator Enables the Time Indicator to be painted manually.
SchedulerControl.CustomDrawDayViewTimeRuler Enables the time ruler to be painted manually.
SchedulerControl.CustomDrawDependency Enables dependencies to be painted manually.
SchedulerControl.CustomDrawGroupSeparator Enables group separators to be painted manually.
SchedulerControl.CustomDrawNavigationButton Enables navigation buttons to be painted manually.
SchedulerControl.CustomDrawResourceHeader Enables resource headers to be painted manually.
SchedulerControl.CustomDrawTimeCell Allows you to manually paint time cells.
SchedulerControl.CustomDrawWeekViewTopLeftCorner Enables the top left corner of the week view to be painted manually.