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Member Table: Reminders

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Below is the list of the primary members which can be used to manage reminders in the XtraScheduler suite.

Public Properties

Name Description
Appointment.HasReminder Gets or sets a value that indicates whether one or more reminders are associated with the appointment. Once this property is set to true, a new Reminder object is created and assigned to the Appointment.Reminder property.
Appointment.Reminder Gets the reminder which is associated with the appointment.
Appointment.Reminders Gets a collection of reminders associated with the appointment.
AppointmentDisplayOptions.ShowReminder Specifies whether the reminder AppointmentImageType.Reminder symbol should be displayed for an appointment with a reminder.
SchedulerControl.SupportsReminders Gets whether the information on appointment reminders is obtained from a data source.
AppointmentMappingInfo.ReminderInfo Gets or sets the name of the data field to which an appointment’s Appointment.Reminder property is bound.
SchedulerStorageBase.RemindersCheckInterval Gets or sets the time interval a reminder’s alert time should be checked (in milliseconds).
SchedulerControl.RemindersEnabled Gets whether the reminders are enabled.
SchedulerOptionsBehaviorBase.RemindersFormDefaultAction Gets or sets the type of action which will be applied by default to all reminders in the Reminders Form when this form is being closed.
SchedulerOptionsBehaviorBase.ShowRemindersForm Gets or sets whether the Reminders dialog is displayed when a reminder alerts.

Public Methods

Name Description
Appointment.CreateNewReminder Returns a new Reminder for this appointment.
ReminderBase.Dismiss Switches the reminder off for the associated appointment.
ReminderBase.Snooze Notifies the scheduler to defer the triggering of a reminder by the specified interval.

Public Events

Name Description
SchedulerStorageBase.ReminderAlert Occurs when a reminder alert is invoked.
SchedulerControl.RemindersFormShowing Occurs before the Reminders form is displayed.
SchedulerControl.RemindersFormDefaultAction Occurs when an end-user closes the Reminders Form and the SchedulerOptionsBehaviorBase.RemindersFormDefaultAction property is set to RemindersFormDefaultAction.Custom.
ReminderBase.RemindTimeChanged Fires when the alert time changes.