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Navigation Controls

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This section describes the DevExpress controls that perform navigation within your application, from simple side bars to advanced navigation containers and Windows Modern-inspired tile bars.

Winforms - Navigation Controls - NavBar

Navigation Bar is a well-known variation of the side navigation bar that features collapsible groups with items within it. Key features include:

  • three available Views that affect both the NavBar Control’s behavior and appearance;
  • layout flexibility and runtime customization options;
  • the capability to embed any control to a NavBar item;
  • built-in designer and context menus to minimize development time at design time by providing advanced control management options;
  • interaction with Office Navigation Bar.

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Accordion Control

Winforms - Navigation Controls - Accordion

WinForms Accordion Control is an advanced navigation control designed to extend the capabilities found in our Navigation Bar control. The Accordion Control allows you to create a full-featured NavBar with multiple items (actions). Items can be combined into groups. Groups can contain nested groups so you can create an advanced hierarchical navigation menu.

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Winforms - Navigation Controls - NavigationFrame

Navigation Frame is the simplest content container that creates a single document interface (SDI). The control hosts multiple NavigationPage objects, but allows only one of them to be displayed at one time. The Frame does not provide any visual elements to navigate through pages - no tab headers, buttons, sliders etc., which makes it a perfect solution when you need to implement a simple and clean application layout. At design time however, you will find navigation buttons that simplify populating pages included in your Frame.

The TabPane control is an upgraded version of the Navigation Frame, which displays page headers as navigation buttons and has a slightly different appearance.

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Winforms - Navigation Controls - NavigationPane

The NavigationPane control emulates the menu seen in Adobe Reader. It features vertically aligned tab headers, one for each child NavigationPage object hosted within the Navigation Pane. Clicking a tab header expands the content area to the control’s left or right side. End-users can resize this area by dragging its border, expand to its maximum size or completely collapse it.

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Tile Bar

Winforms - Navigation Controls - TileBar

The WinForms TileBar displays a set of tiles within its container and allows you to introduce a simple/straightforward navigation experience to your WinForms applications. Its features include:

  • display drop downs for each individual Tile;
  • place any control within the Tile’s drop down region;
  • position the TileBar anywhere within your app (Top, Bottom, Left and Right);
  • customize the appearance of individual Tile items;
  • built-in glyph skinning: you provide a monochrome glyph for the Tile and the TileBar will colorize it to a complimentary color;
  • the TileBar is shipped with a Visual Studio designer so you can quickly create the user experience most appropriate for your business needs.

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Tile Nav Pane

Winforms - Navigation Controls - TileNavPane

Designed to be positioned at the top of your application window (like a Ribbon), the TileNavPane can be thought of as a touch-friendly version of traditional navigation elements used within Windows desktop or touch-enabled hybrid apps. With the new WinForms TileNav Pane, you and your end-users will be able to:

  • Navigate the app’s structure much like our Outlook-inspired Navigation Bar.
  • Introduce animation using our How to: Sort Data in Server Mode Using Custom Sorting Algorithm.
  • Quickly determine where the user is within the application’s navigation hierarchy.
  • Display and activate a drop down menu with sub nodes for each Tile.
  • Fully customize individual Tiles and associated drop down menus (from its height and appearance all the way to the group header’s look and feel).
  • Use custom Tile buttons and custom category buttons.
  • Manage navigation processes using the SelectedElementChanging event.

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Office Navigation Bar

Winforms - Navigation Controls - OfficeNavBar

The OfficeNavigationBar emulates the brand-new Microsoft navigation control, introduced in Outlook 2013. A small bar with click-able items provides loads of powerful features, such as:

  • The ability to integrate with a Navigation Bar. Your Navigation Bar’s groups will automatically become Office Navigation Bar’s items to bind these two separate controls into a completely new solid UI element.
  • Another Office Navigation Bar can be assigned to the NavBarControl to replace its Navigation Pane View in the collapsed state. You are free to manually populate this Office Navigation Bar so it can display both NavBar elements and your own custom items.
  • When hovered, each Office Navigation Bar’s item is capable of displaying a popup Peek Form with the unique content.
  • The Embedded customization button allows your end-users to hide unnecessary items or display them again.
  • Full skins support ensures your Office Navigation Bar suits any interface type perfectly well - from traditional Aero interfaces up to the modern flat Windows 10 UI.

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Tile Control

Winforms - Navigation Controls - TileControl

The TileControl is a simple navigation control that implements the Windows Modern-inspired UI. The control allows you to create static and/or animated tiles that can be grouped. Tiles serve as a replacement for standard push or check buttons, and are certain to extend the shelf-life of all your WinForms solutions. It includes the following features:

  • Touch Support.
  • Built-in animation.
  • Multiple fully customizable text and image blocks in each Tile Item.
  • Drag & Drop operations on any Tile Item.
  • Windows 10 inspired behaviors.

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WindowsUI Button Panel

Winforms - Editors - WinUIButtonPanel

The WindowsUIButtonPanel is a simple bar with Windows 10-styled buttons. The control provides such features as:

  • support for two types of buttons - simple push and check buttons;
  • fully customizable button appearances: you are free to set button icons, colors, shapes etc.;
  • windows UI Button Panels can be easily displayed within Flyouts;
  • built-in Glyph Skinning support for the monochrome design, typical for the Windows Modern UI.

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Toolbox Control

WinForms - Navigation - Toolbox

The ToolboxControl provides built-in support for drag-and-drop operations of its items to external controls. Key features include:

  • item grouping;
  • embedded search box;
  • minimized and maximized control states;
  • quick access to item groups with the built-in menu;
  • multiple item selection.
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