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PDF Viewer

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Use the DevExpress PDF Viewer Control to display PDF files directly in your WinForms application, without the need to install an external PDF Viewer on your end user’s machine.

Getting Started

The following tutorials explain how to use the DevExpress PDF Viewer:

  • Getting Started

    Describes how to add a PDF Viewer to the WinForms application.

  • Examples

    This section provides a list of task-based documentation.


Coordinate Systems

Additional Content

  • Bookmarks

    Introduces PDF Viewer bookmarks, and describes their capabilities and customization options.

  • Hyperlinks

    Introduces hyperlinks and describes their capabilities.

  • File Attachment

    Introduces the file attachment and describes actions that can be performed on attachments.

  • Text Markup Annotations

    Introduces text markup annotations and describes how to manipulate (create, edit and remove) the annotations in pages.


Access and Edit Document Content

The PDF Viewer allows users to edit form fields, import/export AcroForm data, create and edit text markup annotations, initiate clipboard operations and much more. The topics in this section describe these operations.

  • Interactive Forms

    Introduces interactive forms and describes how to export (import) a document with interactive form data in various formats.

  • Copy Document Content

    Describes how to copy document content (text and an image) to the Clipboard.

  • Printing

    Describes how to print a document and customize print settings in the Print dialog.

  • Search for a Specific Text

    Describes how to search for a word (words) or any set of characters in a document.



The topics in this section describe the interactive operations end users can perform in the PDF Viewer.


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