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Member Table: Print Data

Below is the list of the primary members which can be used to print a SchedulerControl.

Public Properties

Name Description
SchedulerControl.IsPrintingAvailable Indicates whether the Scheduler control can be printed. The scheduler can be printed only if the XtraPrinting Library is available.
SchedulerControl.OptionsPrint Provides access to the scheduler’s printing options.
SchedulerOptionsPrint.PrintStyle Gets or sets the scheduler’s printing style.
SchedulerControl.PrintStyles Gets the collection of styles used when printing the Scheduler control.

Public Methods

Name Description
SchedulerControl.Print Prints the Scheduler control.
SchedulerControl.ShowPrintPreview Opens the Preview window for the Scheduler control.
SchedulerControl.ShowPrintOptionsForm Opens the Print Options window for the Scheduler control. This window allows the print settings (e.g. PrintStyles) to be specified.