Member Table: Sort Data and Display Top N Values

Member Description
PivotGridFieldBase.SortMode Specifies how the field's data is sorted when sorting is applied to it.
PivotGridFieldBase.SortOrder Specifies the field's sort order.
PivotGridFieldBase.SortBySummaryInfo Contains the settings used to sort the values of the column field or row field by total summary values.
PivotGridControl.CustomFieldSort Allows you to sort data using custom rules.
PivotGridFieldBase.TopValueCount Specifies the absolute or relative number of field values that are to be displayed for the current column field or row field.
PivotGridFieldBase.TopValueShowOthers Specifies whether the "Others" item is displayed within theXtraPivotGrid when the Top X Value feature is enabled.
PivotGridFieldBase.TopValueType Specifies how the number of Top Values is determined.