Generate Vector Items Automatically

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Map control allows providing vector items from lists and list sources of objects. To do this, create an instance of the ListSourceDataAdapter class and assign it to the VectorItemsLayer.Data property. Then, assign a list of data objects to its DataSourceAdapterBase.DataSource property.

Then, it is necessary to specify the data object properties that are used to generate vector items. To provide this information, use a MapItemMappingInfo object returned by the ListSourceDataAdapter.Mappings property.

The following image shows the result of binding to data using ListSourceDataAdapter.


When it is necessary to provide additional property values of complex shapes (e.g. MapRectangle, MapHitInfo.MapEllipse), use Property Mappings. To do this, add the MapItemPropertyMappingBase class descendant specifying the required property mapping, to the DataSourceAdapterBase.PropertyMappings collection. The following image demonstrates the result of using property mappings to specify the rectangles’ width and height.



If you need to provide additional information for generated vector items (e.g., to display this information in tooltips), specify it using the DataSourceAdapterBase.AttributeMappings property of ListSourceDataAdapter. For detailed information, refer to Provide Data Using Vector Item Attributes.

To learn more on how to bind data using the ListSourceDataAdapter class, refer to How to: Automatically Generate Vector Items from a Datasource.

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