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How to: Align Cell Content

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To align data contained within a cell, use the properties of the Alignment object.

To access this object to modify the alignment of individual cell content, use the Cell object’s Formatting.Alignment property, which is inherited from the Formatting interface.

To change the alignment attributes for a range of cells, call the CellRange.BeginUpdateFormatting method for this range, use the Alignment property of the returned Formatting object to access and modify the Alignment object, and call the CellRange.EndUpdateFormatting method to finalize the modification.

The Alignment object provides the following properties to change cell alignment settings:

To share alignment settings with multiple cells in a single step, create or modify the style with the Formatting.Alignment property specified as required, and assign this style to CellRange.Style for the desired cells.

This example demonstrates how to specify the alignment of cell content by modifying the Alignment object accessed via the Formatting.Alignment property of the Cell object.

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Cell cellA1 = worksheet.Cells["A1"];
cellA1.Value = "Right and top";
cellA1.Alignment.Horizontal = SpreadsheetHorizontalAlignment.Right;
cellA1.Alignment.Vertical = SpreadsheetVerticalAlignment.Top;

Cell cellA2 = worksheet.Cells["A2"];
cellA2.Value = "Center";
cellA2.Alignment.Horizontal = SpreadsheetHorizontalAlignment.Center;
cellA2.Alignment.Vertical = SpreadsheetVerticalAlignment.Center;

Cell cellA3 = worksheet.Cells["A3"];
cellA3.Value = "Left and bottom, indent";
cellA3.Alignment.Indent = 2;

Cell cellA4 = worksheet.Cells["A4"];
cellA4.Value = "The Alignment.WrapText property is applied to wrap the text within a cell";
cellA4.Alignment.WrapText = true;

Cell cellA5 = worksheet.Cells["A5"];
cellA5.Value = "Rotation by 45 degrees";
cellA5.Alignment.RotationAngle = 45;

The image below shows how text can be aligned within worksheet cells.