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Saving And Restoring Layout Pages

The Layouts section of the Bar Manager Designer only allows you to save and load the layout of bars at design time.


The layout saved via the designer can only be used at design time. It is stored in binary format, so it is incompatible with the XML-based layouts saved by the BaseView.SaveLayoutToStream and BaseView.SaveLayoutToXml methods, and therefore it cannot be restored using the BarManager.RestoreFromStream or BarManager.RestoreFromXml methods.

Save Layout - invokes the Save dialog, which allows you to save the Bar Manager layout to a binary data file. After the layout has been saved, a notification message box that displays the path to the saved layout file is displayed. Once saved, the layout can be loaded at design time into other BarManagers (via their designers).

Restore Layout - invokes the Open dialog, allowing you to load an existing Layout data file. After the layout has loaded, it is automatically applied to the BarManager.

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