PropertyGridOptions Properties

Provides the Property Grid‘s options.
Name Description
CanFreeze Gets a value that indicates whether the object can be made unmodifiable. Inherited from Freezable.
DependencyObjectType Gets the DependencyObjectType that wraps the CLR type of this instance. Inherited from DependencyObject.
Dispatcher Gets the Dispatcher this DispatcherObject is associated with. Inherited from DispatcherObject.
IsFrozen Gets a value that indicates whether the object is currently modifiable. Inherited from Freezable.
IsSealed Gets a value that indicates whether this instance is currently sealed (read-only). Inherited from DependencyObject.
ShowExpressionsInSeparateTab Specifies whether to display the Expressions tab.
ShowFavoriteProperties Specifies whether to activate the Favorite Properties tab when the Report Designer runs.
UseOfficeInspiredPropertyGrid Specifies whether to use MS Office-inspired editors.
UseTabbedView Specifies whether to group properties into tabs or display all properties in a single tab.
Visibility Specifies the dock panel’s visibility state. Inherited from DockPanelOptionsBase.
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