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DependencyPropertyBehavior Properties

Allows you to bind a ViewModel property to a control’s non-dependency property.
Name Description
Binding Gets or sets the binding that should be applied to the specified property. This is a dependency property.
CanFreeze Gets a value that indicates whether the object can be made unmodifiable. Inherited from Freezable.
DependencyObjectType Gets the DependencyObjectType that wraps the CLR type of this instance. Inherited from DependencyObject.
Dispatcher Gets the Dispatcher this DispatcherObject is associated with. Inherited from DispatcherObject.
EventName Gets or sets the name of the event the DependencyPropertyBehavior handles to update the binding.
HasAnimatedProperties Gets a value that indicates whether one or more AnimationClock objects is associated with any of this object’s dependency properties. Inherited from Animatable.
IsFrozen Gets a value that indicates whether the object is currently modifiable. Inherited from Freezable.
IsSealed Gets a value that indicates whether this instance is currently sealed (read-only). Inherited from DependencyObject.
PropertyName Gets or sets a control’s property name (the binding’s target).
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