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ItemSelectionChangedEventArgs Interface

Provides data for the ItemSelectionChanged event.


export interface ItemSelectionChangedEventArgs


Use the onItemSelectionChanged handler to raise the ItemSelectionChanged event.

The ItemSelectionChanged event is raised after the selection within the dashboard item is changed. The selection can be changed in the following ways:

  • the state of master filter item is changed by an end-user or using the Web Dashboard's API;
  • changing the selection within the dashboard item for which a custom visual interactivity is provided (using the ItemVisualInteractivity event).


getCurrentSelection Property

Gets currently selected elements.


getCurrentSelection: () => Array<ItemDataAxisPointTuple>

Property Value

Type Description
() => Array<ItemDataAxisPointTuple>

itemName Property

Gets the component name of the dashboard item for which the event was raised.


itemName: string

Property Value

Type Description

A string value that is the component name of the dashboard item.