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DashboardPanelExtensionOptions Interface

Provides options for customizing the DashboardPanelExtension.


export interface DashboardPanelExtensionOptions


See the following topic for information on how to use the DashboardControl’s client-side API: Extensions Overview

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dashboardThumbnail Property

Specifies a dashboard thumbnail for the dashboard panel in a mobile layout.


dashboardThumbnail?: string

Property Value

Type Description

A string that is a dashboard thumbnail’s name. The name should be the same as a name of the relevant dashboard.


In mobile layout, you can add thumbnails for each dashboard. We recommend that you add thumbnails if you have a fixed set of dashboards, because you need to create the thumbnails and add them to a Web Dashboard manually.

Follow the steps below to add thumbnails:

  1. Create and prepare dashboard thumbnails.
  2. Create a folder in your project and add the thumbnails to this folder. Name files to match corresponding dashboards.

    A Folder with Thumbnails for the Dashboard Panel

  3. Use the extension’s dashboardThumbnail property to specify the path to the folder. In this example, the folder name is DashboardThumbnail. {0} is the dashboard name placeholder.

    // The dashboardControl variable is the obtained DashboardControl instance.
    dashboardControl.registerExtension(new DevExpress.Dashboard.DashboardPanelExtension(control,
     { dashboardThumbnail: "./Content/DashboardThumbnail/{0}.png" }));  

    The image below illustrates the resulting Dashboard Panel with thumbnails:

    Web Dashboard - The Dashboard Panel in a Mobile Layout