DataRequestOptions Interface

Provides options for configuring data request mode.


export interface DataRequestOptions


itemDataLoadingMode Property


itemDataLoadingMode?: ItemDataLoadingMode

Property Value


itemDataRequestMode Property

Specifies whether a dashboard control uses batch requests or separate requests to load dashboard items’ data.


itemDataRequestMode?: ItemDataRequestMode

Property Value

Type Description

A ItemDataRequestMode value that specifies a data request mode.


When a Web Dashboard loads data, it groups data dashboard items by master-filter items. While dashboard data is loading, the group waits when its master-filter item is loaded and then performs simultaneous separate requests for each dashboard item in this group. A blocking item temporarily blocks data receiving for detailed items: data for detailed items depends on the data from blocking items (it is the Range Filter item, single master-filter items, and filter items when the neutral filter mode is disabled).

This behavior allows you to render lightweight items with little loading time, while heavy dashboard items with long loading time are waiting for a response. In certain cases, this is not optimal behavior. For example, in Web Forms, parallel query processing is disabled. In this case, the batch requests mode allows you to improve performance when items grouped by one master-filter item are send in a one request.