LegacySettings Class

Contains classes and members that allow you to use legacy options.


export class LegacySettings


useLegacyTreeView Property

Specifies whether to use the dxTreeView widget to visualize the Tree View dashboard item.


static useLegacyTreeView: boolean

Property Value

Type Description

true, to use the dxTreeList widget; false, to use the dxTreeList widget.


With v17.2, DashboardControl uses the underlying dxTreeList instead of dxTreeList to visualize a Filter Elements Overview. This change can affect projects where ViewerApiExtensionOptions.onItemWidget... handlers are specified to customize the underlying dxTreeView widget.

The dxTreeView widget was replaced with dxTreeList for these reasons:

  • dxTreeList has better performance when a large number of records is displayed;
  • dxTreeList supports the search capability.

If necessary, you can return to the previous behavior and use the dxTreeView widget using the useLegacyTreeView property. The following code snippet shows how to do this:

window.onload = function () {    
    js-DevExpress.Dashboard.LegacySettings.useLegacyTreeView = true;
    // ...