Expand Buttons

An Expand Button is displayed if the corresponding node has children, and enables end-users to expand or collapse it.


TreeView-VE-Expand and Collapse Button

When a node is collapsed, the expand button displays a 'plus' sign, indicating that the node can be expanded by clicking the button. Once a node has been expanded, the button displays a 'minus' sign.

You can toggle the visibility of expand buttons via the ASPxTreeView.ShowExpandButtons property. Regardless of the property value, end-users can expand or collapse nodes by double-clicking them.

The table below lists the main properties which affect the element's appearance:

Characteristics Members
Visibility ASPxTreeView.ShowExpandButtons
Image TreeViewImages.ExpandButton, TreeViewImages.ExpandButtonRtl, TreeViewImages.CollapseButton, TreeViewImages.CollapseButtonRtl

Member Table

Member Table: Expanding and Collapsing Nodes

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