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Expanding and Collapsing Nodes

ASPxTreeView allows end-users to hide/show a nodes’ children. End-users can expand or collapse nodes by double-clicking them. It is also possible to expand/collapse nodes by clicking expand buttons. The visibility of these buttons can be controlled by using the ASPxTreeView.ShowExpandButtons property.

ASPxTreeView provides the server and client API, which expand and collapse nodes in code. You can perform the following actions with a node.

To impact a particular node: Client Members Server Members
To expand/collapse a particular node ASPxClientTreeViewNode.SetExpanded TreeViewNode.Expanded
To determine the node’s expansion state ASPxClientTreeViewNode.GetExpanded TreeViewNode.Expanded
To expand ASPxTreeView down to the specified node ASPxTreeView.ExpandToNode
To impact all nodes: Client Members Server Members
To expand all nodes ASPxClientTreeView.ExpandAll ASPxTreeView.ExpandAll
To collapse all nodes ASPxClientTreeView.CollapseAll ASPxTreeView.CollapseAll
To expand all nodes to the defined depth ASPxTreeView.ExpandToDepth
To respond to expanding/collapsing nodes: Client Events Server Events
Before action ASPxClientTreeView.ExpandedChanging ASPxTreeView.ExpandedChanging
After action ASPxClientTreeView.ExpandedChanged ASPxTreeView.ExpandedChanged

TreeView - Expanding and Collapsing Nodes

Member Table

Member Table: Expanding and Collapsing Nodes