The ASPxDataView is a data bound control designed to display data in a tabular format.


Listed below are the main features of the ASPxDataView control.

Data Binding

More information | Online demo

Data Paging

  • The ASPxDataView control automatically splits content across multiple pages and provides a built-in pager that enables end-users to navigate through data.
  • Data records can be loaded automatically on demand in the endless paging mode.

More information | Online demo

Appearance Customization

Client-Side Functionality

  • The ASPxDataView control's client-side equivalent is represented by the ASPxClientDataView object.
  • The ASPxClientDataView object provides access to various client-side events and methods allowing you to have full control over the control's behavior on the client side.
  • The client-side API is always enabled for this control.


The ASPxDataView can reorganize its data items according to custom layout scenarios for different browser widths.