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The DevExpress ASP.NET Image Slider’s (ASPxImageSlider) Image Area navigation buttons and Navigation Bar UI allow you to navigate through images.


The following tables list the ASPxImageSlider’s paging settings:

Image Area

Property Description
ImageSliderImageAreaSettings.EnableLoopNavigation Specifies whether to implement infinite scrolling.
ImageSliderImageAreaSettings.NavigationDirection Specifies the image sliding direction (horizontal or vertical).
ImageSliderImageAreaSettings.NavigationButtonVisibility Specifies the navigation button visibility.
ImageSliderBehaviorSettings.EnablePagingByClick Specifies whether a user can click an image’s left or right side to navigate through images.
ImageSliderBehaviorSettings.EnablePagingGestures Specifies whether a user can switch thumbnails with a swipe gesture.

Navigation Bar

Property Description
ImageSliderNavigationBarSettings.Position Specifies the navigation bar’s position relative to the image area.
ImageSliderNavigationBarSettings.Mode Specifies if the navigation bar displays its items as dots or thumbnails.
ImageSliderNavigationBarSettings.ThumbnailsModeNavigationButtonVisibility Specifies navigation button visibility in the navigation bar. This property is in effect for Thumbnails mode only.
ImageSliderNavigationBarSettings.PagingMode Specifies whether users scroll all visible thumbnails in the navigation bar or one by one.
ImageSliderNavigationBarSettings.VisibleItemsCount Specifies the number of thumbnails displayed within the navigation bar when the image area is hidden.

Virtual Paging Mode

The ASPxImageSlider loads all its items when the control is initialized. Virtual paging mode enables users to load images on demand during navigation.

Set the ImageSliderBehaviorSettingsBase.EnableVirtualPaging property to true to enable this functionality.

The following table lists the API members related to the Image Slider’s virtual paging mode:

Property Description
ImageSliderBehaviorSettingsBase.VirtualPagingItemsPerRequest Specifies the minimum number of items the Image Slider loads when a user clicks the navigation button.
ASPxClientImageSlider.ItemLoadedOnCallback Fires for each Image Slider item that is loaded on a callback (when virtual paging mode is enabled).

Online Demo

ASPxImageSlider - Virtual Paging

You can use the client-side API listed in the following table to navigate through the Image Slider items:

API Member Description
ASPxClientImageSlider.GetActiveItem/ASPxClientImageSlider.SetActiveItem Get and set the active item.
ASPxClientImageSlider.GetActiveItemIndex/ASPxClientImageSlider.SetActiveItemIndex Get and set the active item index.
ASPxClientImageSlider.GetItem/ASPxClientImageSlider.GetItemByName Get an item with the specified index/name.
ASPxClientImageSlider.GetItemCount Gets the number of items.
ASPxClientImageSlider.GetLoadedItems Gets the loaded items.
ASPxClientImageSlider.ActiveItemChanged Occurs after the active image displayed within the image area changes.
ASPxClientImageSlider.ItemClick Fires after an end user clicks an item within the image area.