.NET Framework 4.5.2+
.NET Framework 4.5.2+
.NET Standard 2.0+
.NET Core 3.0+

RuleSet.Validate(IObjectSpace, Object, ContextIdentifiers) Method

Validates an object against RuleSet's rules with the given validation contexts, returns a result and throws a ValidationException if the validation fails.

Namespace: DevExpress.Persistent.Validation

Assembly: DevExpress.Persistent.Base.v20.2.dll


public void Validate(
    IObjectSpace targetObjectSpace,
    object target,
    ContextIdentifiers contextIDs
Public Sub Validate(
    targetObjectSpace As IObjectSpace,
    target As Object,
    contextIDs As ContextIdentifiers


Name Type Description
targetObjectSpace IObjectSpace

An IObjectSpace used to load objects being validated by a rule.

target Object

An object to validate.

contextIDs ContextIdentifiers

The ContextIdentifiers object which is a set of validation contexts, rules for which will be collected. Default contexts are stored in the DefaultContexts enumeration.


This method raises the RuleSet.ValidationCompleted and the RuleSet.RuleValidated events.

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