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.NET 6.0+

RuleSet Properties

Specifies a set of Validation Rules that can be checked on an object.
Name Description
EnableDelayedRuleRegistration Specifies whether all new rules are collected before the RuleSet.GetRules method returns them.
IgnoreWarningAndInformationRules Specifies whether or not the ValidationOutcome.Warning and ValidationOutcome.Information rule validation result types are ignored (see IRuleBaseProperties.ResultType).
NeedToValidateAggregatedRulesInNestedObjectSpace static Specifies whether or not the RuleSet.NeedToValidateRule method will return true when a rule with an assigned IRuleSupportsCollectionAggregatesProperties.TargetCollectionAggregate property and an object from nested Object Space are passed.
RegisteredRules Specifies a list of rules registered in the RuleSet.
RegisteredSources Specifies a list of rule sources registered in the current RuleSet.
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