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.NET 6.0+

DashboardData Properties

An XPO persistent class used by the Dashboards Module to store dashboards in the application database.
Name Description
ClassInfo Gets a value that provides access to the metadata information of a class gathered via Reflection. Inherited from PersistentBase.
Content Specifies the dashboard configuration defined in the Dashboard Designer.
Fields static Gets an object that contains field identifiers for Simplified Criteria Syntax. Inherited from PersistentBase.
IsDeleted Indicates whether the current persistent object is marked as deleted. Inherited from PersistentBase.
IsLoading Indicates whether the object is currently being initialized. Inherited from PersistentBase.
Loading Obsolete. Gets whether the object is currently being initialized. Inherited from XPBaseObject.
Oid Specifies the persistent object’s identifier. Inherited from BaseObject.
OidInitializationMode static Specifies when a new GUID value is assigned to the BaseObject.Oid property. Inherited from BaseObject.
Session Gets the session used to load and save persistent objects. Inherited from PersistentBase.
SynchronizeTitle Specifies if it is required to update the IDashboardData.Title value with the dashboard title from the dashboard configuration (stored in the IDashboardData.Content property).
This Refers to the current instance. Inherited from XPBaseObject.
Title Specifies the dashboard title.
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