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.NET 6.0+

WinWindow Properties

A Window used in Windows Forms applications.
Name Description
Application Provides access to an XafApplication object that can be used to manage the current application. Inherited from Frame.
Context Returns a Frame’s context. Inherited from Frame.
Controllers Provides access to the Controller collection. Inherited from Frame.
Form Provides access to the form that is the current WinWindow in a UI.
IsClosing Indicates whether the WinWindow is currently being closed.
IsMain Indicates whether a Window is main. Inherited from Window.
IsViewControllersActivation Indicates whether Controllers are currently being activated. Inherited from Frame.
LastActiveExplorer static Provides access to the last active explorer WinWindow‘s WinWindow.Form.
Tag Provides access to the object that contains data about the Frame. Inherited from Frame.
Template Returns a Window’s Template. Inherited from Window.
View Provides access to a Frame‘s View. Inherited from Frame.
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