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.NET Framework 4.5.2+
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IModelBandsLayoutWin Properties

Used to extend the Application Model‘s BandsLayout node.
Name Description
AllowBandMoving Specifies if a user can reorder bands.
AllowChangeBandParent Specifies if a user can move bands from one parent band to another.
AllowChangeColumnParent Specifies if a user can move columns from one band to another.
AllowColumnMoving Specifies if a user can move columns within a band.
Application Provides access to the Application Model‘s root node. Inherited from IModelNode.
BandPanelRowHeight Specifies the Band Panel row height. When set to -1, the row height is calculated automatically based on the band header contents.
Count Gets the number of elements contained in the ICollection<T>. Inherited from ICollection<T>.
Enable Enables bands (logical groups of columns) for the current List View. A band is visually represented by a header displayed above headers of the columns it combines. Inherited from IModelBandsLayout.
Index Specifies the order index by which nodes are arranged. Inherited from IModelNode.
IsReadOnly Gets a value indicating whether the ICollection<T> is read-only. Inherited from ICollection<T>.
Item[Int32] Gets or sets the element at the specified index. Inherited from IList<T>.
MinBandPanelRowCount Specifies the minimum Band Panel band header panel height in rows.
NodeCount Gets the number of child nodes. Inherited from IModelNode.
Parent Provides access to the parent node. Inherited from IModelNode.
Root For internal use only. Inherited from IModelNode.
ShowBands Specifies whether or not band headers are visible.
ShowColumnHeaders Specifies whether or not column headers are visible.
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