IModelBandsLayout Interface

The BandsLayout node provides access to a List View's bands layout.

Namespace: DevExpress.ExpressApp.Model
Assembly: DevExpress.ExpressApp.v18.1.dll
[ModelHideProperties(new string[]{"Id", "Index"})]
[ModelVirtualTreeDragDropItem(new Type[]{typeof (IModelBand), typeof (IModelBandedColumn)})]
[ModelVirtualTreeHideChildren(typeof (ModelBandsLayoutChildrenVisibilityCalculator))]
[ModelVirtualTreeGetChildren(typeof (ModelVirtualTreeChildrenProvider))]
[ModelVirtualTreeParent(typeof (ModelVirtualTreeParentLogic))]
public interface IModelBandsLayout : IModelNode, IModelList<IModelBand>, IList<IModelBand>, ICollection<IModelBand>, IEnumerable<IModelBand>, IEnumerable

The child nodes of this node specify the bands layout:


To enable bands, set the IModelBandsLayout.Enable property to true. Refer to the How to: Configure Bands in a Grid List Editor (WinForms and ASP.NET) for details.


This interface is a part of the Application Model infrastructure and is not intended to be implemented by your classes. To learn more, refer to the Application Model Structure topic.

The IModelBandsLayout node exposes a list of the IModelBand nodes.

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