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.NET Framework 4.5.2+
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IModelBandedColumnWin Properties

Used to extend the Application Model‘s Columns node.
Name Description
Application Provides access to the Application Model‘s root node. Inherited from IModelNode.
BandColumnRowCount Specifies the Band Header height in rows.
GroupSummaryFieldName Specifies the name of the property whose values are used for summary calculations. Inherited from IModelColumnWin.
GroupSummarySortOrder Specifies the order in which group rows are sorted. Inherited from IModelColumnWin.
GroupSummaryType Specifies the function that calculates a value over all records within the current column. Inherited from IModelColumnWin.
Index Specifies the order index by which nodes are arranged. Inherited from IModelNode.
NodeCount Gets the number of child nodes. Inherited from IModelNode.
Parent Provides access to the parent node. Inherited from IModelNode.
Root For internal use only. Inherited from IModelNode.
RowIndex Specifies the vertical position of the column header within a band.
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