WinPropertyEditor.BreakLinksToControl(Boolean) Method

Removes references to the Property Editor's control and its event handlers.

Namespace: DevExpress.ExpressApp.Win.Editors

Assembly: DevExpress.ExpressApp.Win.v18.2.dll


public override void BreakLinksToControl(
    bool unwireEventsOnly
Public Overrides Sub BreakLinksToControl(
    unwireEventsOnly As Boolean


Type Name Description
Boolean unwireEventsOnly

true if event handlers should be unsubscribed only; false, if in addition to event unsubscription, the allocated resources should be disposed of.

The BreakLinksToControl method is used when disposing of the current Property Editor, or replacing it with another Property Editor. Generally, you do not need to use it. However, in the WinPropertyEditor class descendants, you can override it if you need to dispose of the manually allocated resources.

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