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.NET Framework 4.5.2+
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WinColumnsListEditor Members

The base class for built-in grid-like WinForms List Editors.


Name Description
WinColumnsListEditor(IModelListView) Initializes a new instance of the WinColumnsListEditor class.


Name Description
DragDropCustomCodeId This member is intended for internal use.
DragEnterCustomCodeId This member is intended for internal use.
PageRowCountForServerMode static Specifies the number of records that are cached to allow the use of records navigation actions (Previous Record/Next Record) in Detail View when the underlying server-mode List View is already closed.
RestoreSelectedRowByHandle static This field is intended for internal use.


Name Description
AllowEdit Indicates whether the data bound to the current List Editor can be edited via the List Editor’s control. Inherited from ListEditor.
CanManageActiveFilterCriteriaPropertyValue For internal use.
CanManageFilterPropertyValue Obsolete. For internal use.
Columns Provides access to a collection of objects representing the WinColumnsListEditor‘s columns.
ColumnView Provides access to the View that is used to display data in the WinColumnsListEditor.
ContextMenuTemplate Provides access to the WinColumnsListEditor‘s Context Menu Template.
Control Provides access to the control that is used by the current List Editor to represent a List View in a UI. Inherited from ListEditor.
DataSource Specifies a List Editor‘s data source. Inherited from ListEditor.
ErrorMessages Provides access to the current ListEditor‘s error message collection, populated when Validation Rules are broken. Inherited from ListEditor.
Filter For internal use.
FilterColumnsMode Specifies whether only properties represented by the List Editor’s columns, or all properties, including the properties of the reference properties, are available in the Filter Editor for creating a filter criteria.
FocusedColumnMemberName Returns the name of a focused column field.
FocusedObject Gets or sets the focused object in a WinColumnsListEditor.
Grid Provides access to the grid control.
IsDisposed Indicates whether a List Editor has been disposed of. Inherited from ListEditor.
List This property is intended for internal use. Inherited from ListEditor.
LookupColumnFilterMode Specifies how the Automatic Filtering Row is displayed and how Find Panel performs a search in Server mode (see CollectionSourceBase.DataAccessMode) for lookup columns.
Model Provides access to the Application Model node that defines the List View represented by the current List Editors. Inherited from ListEditor.
Name Specifies the WinColumnsListEditor‘s name.
PopupSite Gets the control over which a context menu is being invoked.
PreventServerSideOperationsForNonPersistentMembers Specifies whether server-side operations are prevented for non-persistent properties in the Server, ServerView, InstantFeedback, and InstantFeedbackView data access modes, or not. Inherited from ColumnsListEditor.
Printable Gets the control to be exported via the ExportController.ExportAction.
ProcessSelectedItemByEnter Specifies whether or not a selected item is processed by an Enter key press.
ProtectedContentText Specifies the text that is used by a List Editor to display a property which is prohibited for viewing by the current user. Inherited from ListEditor.
ReadOnlyEditors Specifies whether read-only editors with enabled in-place editing are used by the WinColumnsListEditor.
RepositoryFactory Provides access to the Repository Item Factory that is used by the WinColumnsListEditor to create in-place editors.
RequiredProperties Returns an array of descriptors for the properties considered bindable by the WinColumnsListEditor‘s Collection Source.
SelectionType Returns the selection type supported by the WinColumnsListEditor.
SupportedExportFormats Provides access to the list of export formats supported by the current Grid List Editor.
UseAsyncLoading Specifies whether an XPO-based WinForms application loads a List View’s data asynchronously. Inherited from ListEditor.


Name Description
AddColumn(IModelColumn) Adds a column to the ColumnsListEditor, using information from the specified Application Model‘s node. Inherited from ColumnsListEditor.
ApplyModel() Updates the current List Editor’s state in accordance with the information stored in the Application Model. Inherited from ListEditor.
BeginUpdate() Prevents the WinColumnsListEditor‘s control from being updated until the WinColumnsListEditor.EndUpdate method is called.
BreakLinksToControls() Removes references to the WinColumnsListEditor‘s control and its event handlers.
CanShowPopupMenu(Point) Returns a Boolean value that indicates whether it is possible to invoke a context menu at the specified position.
CreateControls() Creates the current List Editor‘s control that represents a List View in a UI. Inherited from ListEditor.
Dispose() Releases all resources used by the WinColumnsListEditor.
EndUpdate() Unlocks the WinColumnsListEditor‘s control after a call to the WinColumnsListEditor.BeginUpdate method and causes an immediate update.
Equals(Object, Object) static Determines whether the specified object instances are considered equal. Inherited from Object.
Equals(Object) Determines whether the specified object is equal to the current object. Inherited from Object.
FindColumn(String) Provides access to the ColumnsListEditor‘s column with the specified identifier. Inherited from ColumnsListEditor.
FindColumnPropertyName(GridColumn) Returns the name of the property corresponding to the WinColumnsListEditor‘s specific GridListEditor.GridView column.
GetHashCode() Serves as the default hash function. Inherited from Object.
GetIndexByObject(Object) Returns the index of an object that represents a WinColumnsListEditor.ColumnView‘s row.
GetObjectByIndex(Int32) Returns an object that represents the WinColumnsListEditor.ColumnView‘s row with the specified index.
GetOrderedObjects() Returns an ordered list of objects that represent the WinColumnsListEditor.ColumnView‘s rows.
GetSelectedObjects() Provides access to the collection of objects that are currently selected in the WinColumnsListEditor‘s grid.
GetType() Gets the Type of the current instance. Inherited from Object.
GetVisibleColumns() Returns the list of ColumnsListEditor‘s visible columns. Inherited from ColumnsListEditor.
MemberwiseClone() protected Creates a shallow copy of the current Object. Inherited from Object.
OnExporting() Performs the required pre-export actions under the WinColumnsListEditor.
ReferenceEquals(Object, Object) static Determines whether the specified Object instances are the same instance. Inherited from Object.
Refresh() Refreshes the bound data source of the WinColumnsListEditor‘s control.
RemoveColumn(ColumnWrapper) Removes a particular column from the WinColumnsListEditor‘s WinColumnsListEditor.ColumnView.
RemoveColumn(GridColumn, IModelSynchronizersHolder) Removes a particular column from the WinColumnsListEditor‘s GridListEditor.GridView.
SaveModel() Writes information on a List Editor‘s control to the Application Model. Inherited from ListEditor.
SetHtmlFormattingEnabled(Boolean) Enables or disables HTML Formatting of the WinColumnsListEditor‘s column captions.
SetMenuManager(IDXMenuManager) Sets the IDXMenuManager object that controls the Look & Feel options of the Context Menu Template via the WinColumnsListEditor‘s control.
Setup(CollectionSourceBase, XafApplication) Performs additional initialization of the WinColumnsListEditor.
StartIncrementalSearch(String) Starts an incremental search for the specified string. Inherited from ListEditor.
SupportsDataAccessMode(CollectionSourceDataAccessMode) Determines whether or not the given data access mode is supported by the ListEditor. Inherited from ListEditor.
ToString() Returns a string that represents the current object. Inherited from Object.


Name Description
AllowEditChanged Occurs after the ListEditor‘s ListEditor.AllowEdit property has changed. Inherited from ListEditor.
ColumnAdded Occurs when a column is added to ColumnsListEditor. Inherited from ColumnsListEditor.
ColumnCreated Occurs after a column has been created in the WinColumnsListEditor‘s WinColumnsListEditor.Grid.
ControlDataSourceChanged For internal use.
ControlsCreated Occurs after a ListEditor‘s control is created. Inherited from ListEditor.
CreateCustomColumn For internal use.
CreateCustomGridBand For internal use.
CreateCustomModelSynchronizer Obsolete. Occurs when the Application Model‘s node specified by the ListEditor.Model property has been changed. Inherited from ListEditor.
CreateCustomRepositoryItem For internal use.
CustomizeAppearance Occurs before the GridListEditor.GridView‘s cell of the WinColumnsListEditor has been repainted in a UI. Enables the appearance settings of individual cells to be changed.
CustomizeEnabled For internal use.
CustomizeGridColumn Occurs when a column is created.
CustomizeRepositoryItem For internal use.
DataSourceChanged Occurs after the ListEditor.DataSource property’s value has been changed. Inherited from ListEditor.
FilterChanged For internal use.
FocusedObjectChanged Occurs after the focused object has been changed in a List Editor‘s control. Inherited from ListEditor.
FocusedObjectChanging Occurs before the focused object is changed in a List Editor‘s control. Inherited from ListEditor.
GridDataSourceChanging For internal use.
ModelApplied Occurs after the customizations from the Application Model have been applied to the List Editor’s control. Inherited from ListEditor.
ModelApplying Occurs when customizations from the Application Model are applied to the List Editor’s control. Inherited from ListEditor.
ModelSaved Occurs after the List Editor’s control customizations have been saved to the Application Model. Inherited from ListEditor.
ModelSaving Occurs when the List Editor’s control customizations are saved to the Application Model. Inherited from ListEditor.
NewObjectAdding Occurs before a new object is created in a List Editor. Inherited from ListEditor.
NewObjectCanceled Occurs after creation of a new object is cancelled in a List Editor. Inherited from ListEditor.
NewObjectCreated Occurs after a new object has been created in a List Editor. Inherited from ListEditor.
ObjectChanged For internal use only. Inherited from ListEditor.
PrintableChanged Occurs when the IExportable.Printable control is created and disposed of.
ProcessSelectedItem Occurs after an object is selected in the List Editor‘s control and an end-user presses Enter or double-clicks the object. Inherited from ListEditor.
RequiredPropertiesChanged Inherited from ListEditor.
SelectionChanged Occurs after the selection has been changed in a List Editor‘s control. Inherited from ListEditor.
SelectionTypeChanged Occurs after a List Editor‘s supported selection type is changed. Inherited from ListEditor.
ValidateObject Occurs when the object represented by the ListEditor‘s focused row must be validated. Inherited from ListEditor.
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