StateMachineModule.RegisterDomainComponentEntities(ITypesInfo, String, String, String, String) Method

Registers the domain component entities that are required by the State Machine module.

Namespace: DevExpress.ExpressApp.StateMachine

Assembly: DevExpress.ExpressApp.StateMachine.v18.2.dll


public static void RegisterDomainComponentEntities(
    ITypesInfo typesInfo,
    string stateMachineEntityName,
    string stateEntityName,
    string transitionEntityName,
    string stateAppearanceEntityName
Public Shared Sub RegisterDomainComponentEntities(
    typesInfo As ITypesInfo,
    stateMachineEntityName As String,
    stateEntityName As String,
    transitionEntityName As String,
    stateAppearanceEntityName As String


Type Name Description
ITypesInfo typesInfo

An ITypesInfo object that is the type information store within which the domain components required for the State Machine module must be registered.

String stateMachineEntityName

A string that specifies the name for the State Machine entity.

String stateEntityName

A string that specifies the name for the State entity.

String transitionEntityName

A string that specifies the name for the Transition entity.

String stateAppearanceEntityName

A string that specifies the name for the State Appearance entity.

If you use domain components for your application's business model design, use the built-in domain components for the State Machine functionality. Add the StateMachineModule to your module, and call the RegisterDomainComponentEntities method to register the domain component entities with which the State Machine module works. The following entities will be registered:

  • IDCStateMachine
  • IDCState
  • IDCTransition
  • IDCStateAppearance

For details on the Domain Components approach, refer to the Domain Components Basics topic.

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