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SecuritySystem Properties

The static class that defines the XAF security system.

Name Description
AllowReloadPermissions static

For internal use.

CanRefreshPermissions static

Obsolete. This property is obsolete. Use the DataManipulationRight_IsGrantedAdapter.Enable method instead

CurrentUser static

Gets the user who is currently logged on.

CurrentUserId static

Gets the unique identifier of the current user.

CurrentUserName static

Gets the login name of the current user.

Instance static

Gets the instance of the Security Strategy.

IsAuthenticated static

Gets a boolean value indicating that a user is authenticated.

IsLogoffEnabled static

Gets a boolean value indicating that a user can log off and then logon again without restarting the application.

LogonObjectSpace static

Gets the Object Space used when logging on.

LogonParameters static

Gets the logon parameters object.

UserType static

Gets the type of user objects

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